“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like the ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Mahatama Gandhi

I had this idea many months ago… start writing…write about stuff like movies, experiences, books, ideas and even things and situations that while I am not in a position to change, do affect me. Nothing too political, as if I could, I would avoid politics all together, but just write in an attempt to ensure that it is out there in the universe and the universe appreciates that it is not alone.

Most recently, there was the lone gunman who murdered approximately 49 members in a gay bar in Orlando, and while I have no quarrels with the LGBT community, it shocked me that someone was so consumed with either fear or hate that they just killed people for no reason. Similarly, there have been numerous attacks on numerous countries throughout the globe by fundamentalists and what i see as warmongers alike; but what truly amazes me, is level of ignorance that seems to emanate from humanity. Let us be real, not all Muslims are terrorists, neither are all Roman Catholic priests pedophiles. Saying these things with a broad stroke makes us just as bad as the people who believe that if you are not with them then you should be killed or made an example of. This “me against them” attitude is what appears to have began this unholy division that appears to be bubbling like a dormant volcano waiting for the right conditions before it finally explodes, creating chaos and havoc in its wake.

Is this really the message we want to send to the future generation? Is this even the message we want to convey now? We live in a world where intolerance seems to be the new norm. Where not liking someone because of their sexual orientation, race or religion is  greeted with a blunt disregard for human life and all manner of derogatory behaviour is being accepted by society, either by not saying anything, turning a blind eye and even openly and actively participating in the shenanigans associated with shaming someone just because they are not like you in one way or another.

So let us in whatever way we know how, #Prayfortheworld, and understand that one day maybe we may be the ones on the opposite side of the fence, as customs and norms will change as time progresses. Would you like to be persecuted for your religious beliefs, colour of your skin or sexual preference? Supposed in the very near future, being a heterosexual male/ female means you are the outcast? That the majority publicly criticize your choices and try to “cure” you? It only becomes a problem when you or someone you love are a target. But I say today, let us unite against discrimination and encourage our fellow humans to embrace the quirks that make us unique and learn from one another rather than constantly trying to bring each other down.



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